Kobe Desramaults


Kobe Desramaults

Ghent, Belgium
Chambre Séparée
No.111 2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants 

Kobe Desramaults


Kobe Desramaults (1980°) was born and raised in Dranouter, a small village just short of the French border.
After a fantastic youth where he spent more hours on his skateboard than behind the school desks Kobe discovered his love for cooking while working as an apprentice in a local restaurant.

His next step was as an internship at Sergio Herman’s ‘Oud Sluis’. There he progressed and got a taste for modern kitchen.
At ‘Commerçe 24’ in Barcelona, his skills and knowhow further evolved.
It was the period that the Spanish avant-garde cuisine became big.

At the age of 24 he came back to Dranouter to take over the family restaurant from his mother.
He reshaped In De Wulf to become a gastronomical restaurant.
Returning to his roots, he started working with regional products.
The story of Kobe’s cooking could no longer be detached from his surroundings and is now a tale of longevity and footprint.
Cherishing his heritage, Kobe also allows influences from around the world to enter his cooking.

Kobe and his team created a small food paradise in Dranouter. In de Wulf became a real pilgrimage for a lot of foodies.

In the end of 2016 after an incredible journey of 12 years Kobe decided to put an end to the In de Wulf story. The circle was complete. It was time for something new. Together with his team he wrote a nice piece of history.

To quote Kobe : « This is the beginning, not the end »

Kobe moved from the Flemish countryside to Gent, one of the most vivacious Belgian cities with a complete new concept for Belgium, called Chambre Séparée.

This adventure began in the summer of 2017.

Chambre Séparée is the new restaurant by Kobe Desramaults. It’s his second project in Ghent next to the Superette, an authentic bakery where you can also enjoy a good dinner with great products and amazing wood fired oven pizzas.

To house Chambre Séparée Kobe found a fantastic spot in the former Belgacom Tower on the Oude Beestenmarkt . It’s an amazing brutalist building in the centre of Ghent. They opened the restaurant knowing that it would have to close in 2020.

The restaurant only seats 16 people. The guests sit surrounding the kitchen, which creates an intimate atmosphere in the setting of an old industrial building

What follows is a unique experience, translated into a menu of 20 so dishes. The chef and his magnificent team compile the menu on the basis of seasonal products and the inspiration of the moment. As a result, the food comes as a complete surprise.

Chambre séparée is unique mix of charmfull design and exquisite food.

Regarding his culinary style Kobe describes it as ‘fire based minimalistic’.

After In de Wulf, and inspired by a visit to Japan, he wanted to go back to the essence. No more cooking behind a wall separated from everything that happens around, no restaurant with almost as many chefs as guests.

He searched for something more personal, more intimate. Here you have an open kitchen, a very small team and everything is naked to the eye. As an observer sitting around the kitchen it almost feels as if you are in a theatre. Everything flows, as little separate pieces falling together into one amazing concert.

Kobes passion for fire is the essence of this restaurant. Besides the grills and the wood fired oven, the only electrical device you’ll see is to keep sauces hot. Everything else happens à la minute, with fire. It’s pure, it’s minimalistic.

His style is seemingly simple. But behind appearances hides an amazing combination of strong flavours, homemade misos, fermentation and processing of whole pieces of fish and meat.

Kobe Desramaults Kobe Desramaults Kobe Desramaults

2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants No. 111

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