To those who support COOK JAPAN PROJECT

COOK JAPAN PROJECT requires a lot of cooperation and support from guests
and people involved for its scale and complexity,
and it invites more than 100 people around the world including star chefs and their assistants.
We decided to release Membership Service, to those who are excited with the concept,
and who kindly offer support to the project.
There is a special offer available only for those who registered in Membership Service.


● Special offer

It is expected that many chefs’ event will be filled by fans very quickly.
Therefore, we offer an advance reservation system for those registered in Membership Service. Membership Service members can make an advance reservation three days prior (72 hours) to the public reservation start date.

* An advance reservation can be used for all chefs’ events.
* Advance reservation can be used only for once per chef. Multiple reservations for the same chef can be made after public reservation release.
* Membership Service fee does not include meal and drink charge

● How to use

Membership Service members will receive a special URL by an email and 72 hour advance reservation can be made via the link.

※ Please note that any customers will also be able to book once the general reservation is opened for public.

Because it is a limited restaurant with limited number of seats and operation days, we ask the guests to make reservation with even numbers of seats in order to make the event available to maximum number of people. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.



¥300,000(+ tax)