Privacy Policy

COOK JAPAN PROJECT website (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Website’) and its operating company GRANADA Ltd., (the "Company") uses your personal information according to the following privacy policy while complying with the laws and regulations enacted to protect personal information.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to any information such as a name, an address, a phone number, an e-mail address, or a purchase history, that can either identify or have the potential to identify a particular individual. Moreover, any information that can identify a particular individual in combination with other information is also considered personal information.

2. Collecting personal information

You are not required to enter or disclose your personal information to view the Website, thus you can do so anonymously. However, you are required to enter your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. when signing up for the Registered user and/or Membership Service registration, making reservation, making a purchase, or submitting an inquiry. The purpose of collecting this information and how the information is managed is summarized in “The purpose of collecting your personal information” section and “Managing your personal information.”

3. The purpose of collecting your personal information Company use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide service and products at the restaurant
  • To verify your order or shipping method
  • To send you information about promotions, products, and services on the Website or/and by the Company
  • To make the service better on the Website and of the Company
  • To answer your comments and questions
  • To store your log-in information for the ease of logging in the next time.
  • To improve the user experience on the Website and the Services by the Compnay

4. Managing personal information

User’s personal information will only be used when deemed necessary to conduct the business and will be thoroughly protected. Some of your personal information may be sent to a consignee to provide you with goods and services. In such cases, we will manage your personal information to be appropriately used by the consignee. When your personal information becomes unnecessary, it will be promptly deleted.

5. Disclosing your personal information

The Website does not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent. This, however, does not apply in case of the following:

  • when the disclosure request is made by a government agency, the court, a public prosecutor, the police, center, or any organization that govern them;
  • when there is a special requirement by law;
  • when it is necessary to protect or defend the Company’s rights, assets, or services from illicit activities but unable to obtain consent from the User
  • when it is necessary to protect life, body, or assets but difficult to obtain consent from the User.

Disclosing your personal information to consignees, such as freight companies, that are necessary to fulfill contracts is not considered a disclosure to a third party.  

6. The use of SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used when collecting your personal information to ensure security and to prevent interception, interference, or manipulation of your information. *SSL (Secure Socket Locker) is an encryption method when sending and receiving data over the internet. Before you send your personal information, the Website digitally communicates with you (digital authentication) and after the two-factor authentication, your information is finally transmitted. As a result, the transmitted data is perturbed by a set of random numbers to prevent your data from being stolen by a third party pretending to be you.

7. Changes to the privacy policy

When changes are made to a part of this privacy policy such as the types of personal information being collected, the purpose of collection, etc., they will be reflected on this page.


8. The scope

The scope of the privacy policy extends to the Website. As the Company carefully treat your personal information, we continue to strive to offer high-quality services that meet your satisfaction.