Nicolai Nørregaard

Nicolai Nørregaard
Bornholm, Copenhagen Denmark
Kadeau Copenhagen
2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants 105
Michelin Kadeau Bornholm Michelin

Nicolai Nørregaard


Nicolai Nørregaard was born and raised in Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. He has no formal education as a chef, but learned how to cook from his grandfather. In 2007 he opened Kadeau Bornholm, and the Copenhagen restaurant followed in 2011. Both restaurants are based in the terroir of Bornholm, harnessing the unique conditions and flavors of the island. Kadeau currently holds two Michelin for the Copenhagen restaurant and one for the Bornholm restaurant.

The backbone of his cuisine is the nature of Bornholm – the wild as well as the cultivated. He cares for the traditions, yet strives to renew. He is ambitious and thorough, yet he will always be playful and ever exploring. His cuisine is regional, yet he is inspired by the whole world. He follows the rhythm of the years and the cycle of the seasons. During growing season, he works intensively with nature’s changing supply, preserving as much as possible in the process. He preserves the natural ingredients of Bornholm, to serve up a tiny bit of the Bornholm nature on our plates all year round. He constantly explores and develops his base of ingredients and techniques, in their storeroom as well as in the restaurant. They cultivates their own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and berries, and collaborate closely with our suppliers.

We grow, harvest, preserve, serve, and love, Bornholm.

Nicolai Nørregaard Nicolai Nørregaard Nicolai Nørregaard


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