Nacho Manzano

Nacho Manzano
Spain Asturias
Casa Marcial

Nacho Manzno


Chef Nacho Manzano comes from Asturias, a region in the North of Spain which has one of the strongest cuisines in Spain. A mountainous region by the sea.
Creative chef, who began his profession at the early age of 15 at Casa Victor Restaurant in Gijón. At the age of 22, he took on the responsibility of managing his own Restaurant, “Casa Marcial”, his parents' former bar and has earned Chef Mazano his reputation as a world-renowned culinary expert.
Chef Manzano has access to a wealth of produces, from the best meat, game, vegetables and dairy products from the land to the finest fish and seafood from the sea.
Working with local producers while using the most Avant Garde technique, Chef Manzano has single handily evolved and modernized the cuisine of Asturias.

Nacho Manzno Nacho Manzno Nacho Manzno

2018 Best Chef of the Year 2018 by Revista Gourmets
2017 Casa Marcial is awarded with the Third Sol by Respol Guide
2016 Casa Marcial wins the National Competition “Copa Jerez 2016” and represents Spain at the International Competition
  Casa Marcial is listed among the 100 Best Restaurnts in the World by Foodie Magazine. 2016
2015 Casa Marcial is listed among the Best 100 Restaurants in the World by Le Chef Magazine. 2015
2013 Best Chef Millesime gastronomic award, 2013.
2001 Named one of the ten greats of Spanish cuisine by the prestigious magazine, Iberia
  Receive “two suns” in the Repsol Guide
2009 Casa Marcial was granted the 2nd Michelin star
1999 Casa Marcial was granted 1st prestigious “Michelin Star”.
1998 Winner of the Chef Championship of Asturias in 1998

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